Free Reminder Cards for Parents

Free Reminder Cards for Parents

As a parent, I am constantly in need of reminders to remain patient and stay calm and positive. I had wanted to design these reminder cards for a long time, but as Ramadhan is nearly here, it gave me the extra push to complete them, and here they are, alhamdulillah!








The first set are mainly hadith reminders about gentleness and controlling your anger.








The second design I produced multiple copies of to act as a constant reminder in different parts of the house so that I can always try to reduce any tension and stress.








And the third set are positive reminders and mantras for myself, especially when I’m having a hard day.

Since I know many of you will want to download them in time for Ramadhan, for now I have left them as a single PowerPoint document (I still need to work out how to retain the text quality when converting the file to a pdf!). If you want to share them with others, please do  direct them to this post rather than sending them the document directly, as they may be able to benefit from the other free resources on the site.

Anyway, you can download them HERE. Please do tag me on social media if you use these around your house, I would LOVE to see them in use!

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