A Fresh Take

A Fresh Take

Assalamu Alaykum,

It has been a while and we’ve been trying to come to grips with how we can make things both sustainable and still try to maximise the benefit taken from our books. But the good news is that we’re now moving forward!

“Ka’b’s Big Decision” (formerly Ka’b’s Big Mistake) is ready and we’re just waiting on confirmation from printers before we can send it to print, “The Young Man’s Plan” KS1/KS2 Workbook is also almost ready to go for print and we’ve even started on the content of our next story, tentatively entitled “From Makkah to Madinah”.

There are going to be a few edits made to our website in the coming days inshaAllah, including a reduction in our prices, more details on the upcoming products and details on how you can help inspire children with the books.

Just to tide you over until then, here are some verses from the latest book:

“The pair left in the morning, with a trusted guide to lead,
They went along the coastal path, a pleasant path indeed!
Until the friends were spotted and the news spread round the town,
The race was on, one man had gone,

to track the two friends down!”

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