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Reminder Cards – Patience


The Companions Activity Booklet

The Month of Ramadhaan Activity Booklet

Ka’b’s Big Decision Activity Book

The Young Man’s Plan Activity Book

The Companions Activity Booklet (INK SAVING)

The Month of Ramadhaan Activity Booklet (INK SAVING)

Ka’b’s Big Decision Activity Book (INK SAVING)

The Young Man’s Plan Activity Book (INK SAVING)

Hadith Copywork/Dictation (Handwriting & Spelling in Arabic/English) – Weeks 1-12



3-part flashcards

An illustrated Arabic alphabet song

Calendar – weather, days of the week & more (Arabic & English)

My Hajj suitcase

My Hajj Sticker Book

Arabic sandpaper letters template (can be used for colouring too)

My Ramadhan Sticker Book (colour version)

My Ramadhan Sticker Book (colour saving)


The Young Man’s Plan Audiobook

Ka’b’s Big Decision Audiobook

The Prophet’s Faithful Friend Audiobook


‘Eid bunting

Dhul-Hijjah bunting