Become a representative

Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were the one to help inspire Muslim children to become like ‘Umar or Abu Bakr (radiyAllahu ‘anhumaa).

If you love what we’re doing and want to benefit little Muslims in your community, this is for you!

What does being a representative mean?

In simple terms, becoming a representative means sharing our books with others by selling them to people local to you, regardless of whether you are in England, Australia, or Ethiopia!

What happens if I’m not in the UK?

That’s even better! We want to make our books as accessible as possible for Muslim children across the globe, and we’d love to have representatives in as many countries as possible.

If an individual from outside of the UK contacts us and wants to purchase books, we will direct them to the representatives in that country. Since shipping is much cheaper when sending books in bulk, this makes purchasing the books in other countries a lot more economical, allowing more little Muslims to be inspired!

What do I get out of it?

“Every night, at bedtime, she has asked to read the storybook [The Young Man’s Plan] and every morning after breakfast she grabs the colouring activity book off the shelf.” – Iman

Imagine how you would feel if someone told you that their child’s favourite bedtime story was that of the great Sahaabi, ‘Umar (radiyAllahu ‘anhu). Imagine if you were the one who had helped get the storybook into the hands of that child. We want every Muslim child in the world to have amazing role models. You can be a part of bringing this into reality.

Aside from the tremendous reward you can reap from becoming a representative, we also offer a minimum discount of 40% to our representatives, and it doesn’t require a large commitment either. You can start off with just 10 copies of one book, so 10 copies of “The Young Man’s Plan”(which normally costs £4.99) would cost only £29.90. That’s less than £3 per book!

Our super representatives gain our maximum discount of 55%, with a minimum purchase of 50 copies of a single book. At this huge discount, 50 copies of ‘The Young Man’s Plan” would cost just over £100, only £2.25 per book!

How is a super representative different from a normal representative?

Super representatives can inspire even more little Muslims and make the reach of our books go even further!

Because super representatives order a minimum of 50 of a single item, this means that as well as individuals, they can more easily target bookshops, Islamic shops, schools and other businesses, who generally buy larger quantities of books at a slight discount themselves. This also makes it easier for our books to reach more children in countries outside of the UK, as shipping becomes more economical with larger orders.

Who can I share the books with?

You can sell the books to whomever and however you wish, it’s all up to you! You can even buy 10 books and give them as ‘Eid gifts to friends and family! Here are just some of the many possibilities…


– Friends and family
– Mothers at play groups and coffee mornings
– Homeschooling parents
– Muslims at events and fundraisers
– Parents who have children with special needs or visual impairments (our books come with free audio books which are especially beneficial for children with disabilities)
– Teachers working in Islamic organisations

Organisations and businesses

– Islamic shops

– Online stores
– Islamic nurseries, schools and madrasahs


So contact us HERE if you want to:

– Help inspire Muslim children with AMAZING stories from the seerah
– Help raise the QUALITY of Islamic books available for children
– Gain income in this life and an even GREATER income in the next


General enquiries are also welcome!