And the winners are…

And the winners are…

It was very hard to decide, but here are the winning entries for our Sahaabah competition! May Allah bless all those who entered, aameen!

Ages 4-5 – Abdul-Hayy Abdul-Qayyum, 5, Birmingham, UK


We were very impressed by the level of detail that has gone into Abdul-Hayy’s colouring, if you look carefully, you’ll even notice Ka’b in the window of the house!

Ages 6-7 – Rumaiswa, 7, Perth, Australia


Rumaiswa impressed us with her knowledge of Rumaysah (radiyAllahu ‘anha) who is better known as Umm Sulaym and who Rumaiswa has correctly identified as the mother of the famous companion, Anas ibn Malik (radiyAllahu ‘anh). Her beautiful butterfly was a lovely little touch!

Ages 8-9 – Tayyibah, 8, Watford, UK


We immediately fell in love with Tayyibah’s answer for why she would like to be like the Sahaabah – because the prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam loved them and because they saw him. It’s both amazing and humbling to see an answer that we, as adults, may struggle to come to.

Well done to all of those who entered the competition, we really loved all of the entries!

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