Author - RS Khan

My Ramadhan Sticker Book

Here are some printable Ramadhan sticker sheets which guide young children through the month of Ramadhan in a fun way. They can be a great way to start discussion about different aspects of Ramadhan such as:
  • Moon phases and moon sighting
  • Customs of Ramadhan
  • The pillars of Islam
  • Good deeds
  • The Sunnahs of 'Eid
My children absolutely loved it when I made a similar version for Hajj, and they wanted me to print these off as soon as they saw I had made a Ramadhan version!                     All you need is A4 sheets of self-adhesive labels with 12 labels per page, which can be purchased here (not an affiliate link) You can print the normal version HERE and the colour-saving version HERE

Free Reminder Cards for Parents

As a parent, I am constantly in need of reminders to remain patient and stay calm and positive. I had wanted to design these reminder cards for a long time, but as Ramadhan is nearly here, it gave me the extra push to complete them, and here they are, alhamdulillah!               The first set are mainly hadith reminders about gentleness and controlling your anger.               The second design I produced multiple copies of to act as a constant reminder in different parts of the house so that I can always try to reduce any tension and stress.               And the third set are positive reminders and mantras for myself, especially when I'm having a hard day. Since I know many of you will want to download them in time for Ramadhan, for now I have left them as a single PowerPoint document (I still need to work out how to retain the text quality when converting the file to a pdf!). If you want to share them with others, please do  direct them to this post rather than sending them the document directly, as they may be able to benefit from the other free resources on the site. Anyway, you can download them HERE. Please do tag me on social media if you use these around your house, I would LOVE to see them in use!

Free Ramadhan Activity Books

There are so many free Ramadhan activity books out there alhamdulillah! Here is a list of some of them with a brief description of each. May Allah reward all those involved in producing them. ILMA Education
  • Length - 14 pages
  • Age - Suitable for 3-5 year olds.
  • Contents - Very practical, mainly includes cutting, sticking, basic numbers, tracing and colouring.

The Muslim Homeschooler

  • Length - 30 pages
  • Age - Suitable for 2+ (some activities are very simple and others more complex, so be selective when printing)
  • Contents - Word tracing, matching, odd one out, numbers, time and colouring
Homely Hammock
  • Length - 47 pages
  • Age - 2/3 + (again, some activities are suitable for young children, and others for older children, so be selective when printing)
  • Contents - Many different activities such as colouring, cutting, sticking, matching, spot the difference, tracing, writing, simple maths qs, dot to dot, patterns, and word searches.
Eezee Homeschoool
    • Length - 35 pages
    • Age - 4-8 year olds
    • Contents - This is very unique and is more of a guide to Ramadhan written in child-friendly language as opposed to an activity book, and is based upon the work of a Scholar, alhamdulillah. There are some activities included, but much fewer than the other books.
A Muslim Child Is Born
  • Length - 75 pages
  • Age - 3+ (activities for varied ages)
  • Contents - A very large variety of activities covering different areas (almost too many to choose from!)